The de Seversky Center is a Grand Old Gold Coast Mansion in every respect. White marble greets you in the exquisite entrance way, with the grand staircase staged for the perfect descent. The walls are of rich wood. Corinthian columns line the mansions exterior, looking out on over 100 acres of Old Westbury’s finest landscapes. There is also a brick and glass atrium which is perfect for the ceremony itself. Pioneers of “Mansion Style” and “European Style” dining, the de Seversky Center is every bit as opulent as one would expect, but she is surprisingly warm and intimate. The food is everything you would hope for and more as the staff gladly caters to your requests. The service is first class and the staff are skilled, friendly, professional and down to earth. It is also one of the few venues where the general manager is an active and interactive part of your event. This is a must-see if you are thinking of having your Wedding Ceremony in a Mansion. This is a reception venue and they are also open to ceremony only options!

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