“Francesca and Guy have chosen to include a unity puzzle to put emphasis on the fact that, as they commit their lives to each other, they also commit themselves to nurturing their two families as they come together as one.

Dina, Sebastian, Chase & Antonio… Caring for you will always be the most important part of your parents’ lives. You are the greatest gifts that they could ever ask for, gifts that have enriched their lives more than words can ever express.  Today, they make a promise to each other that no matter what may happen, they will always be there for each other. Today, they also make this promise to you. You are already a family. They love you with all their hearts, and they want you to know that no matter how old you get or where life takes you, their love for you is forever.

Today, we celebrate the role that you each plan in completing the picture of this family, symbolized here as pieces of a puzzle. Please pick up your piece.

Each family member takes their piece:

Notice that each puzzle piece is unique, just as your individual personalities are your very own. Each piece is wonderful in its own way, but just like being part of a family, they are best when working together. It is when the pieces are put together that your puzzle is whole, and your family is complete. Step forward now, place your pieces, and complete your puzzle.”

Family members put puzzle pieces together, share hugs and kisses. children return to their places