“Today we celebrate family and family relationships. Sofia is truly blessed because the family waiting for her birth included a big brother, Colin, who is already a huge part of her life. He is the one who will know her better than anyone else, and who will protect and guide her in ways that only a sibling can. Colin, will you join us?

Colin comes forward

Morgan and Cono wanted to include something in today’s ceremony to represent their family and this community. Fingerprints are unique to each of us as individuals. Yet we all have our roots in family and community. It is our roots that allow us to reach for the sky, and our individuality that allow us to truly shine. This tree represents this family and how important all of it’s members are in it.

Morgan, Cono, and Colin, will place your fingerprints and then Sofia’s fingerprints as leaves on the tree, as tangible symbol of this family.

Parents place their own and their daughter’s fingerprint in their Family Tree

After the ceremony I would like to invite everyone here to please place your fingerprint as a leaf on Sofia’s tree.”