“ In certain parts of Africa the Bride and Groom are presented with gifts of wheat, wine, water, and honey, to prepare them and ask for blessings in the years ahead. Louis, will you bring forth the gifts?”

Louis comes forward with the gifts, a silver plate with a piece of bread a dish of honey, a cup of water and a cup of wine.

“The first gift is the gift of water, to clean and soothe your relationship that it will never thirst for love, understanding or companionship, that each day will start fresh and clean and anew with you love for one another leading you through all the days of your togetherness.”

Bride and Groom share water

“The second gift is the gift of wheat, for abundance, prosperity and fertility, the wheat has been made into bread a reminder to use wisely our blessings in life, so that we and our family and our community can all flourish together.”

Bride and Groom share bread

“The next gift is the gift of honey, that the words between you will be affable, and your dispositions kind and generous. A life shared is always sweeter even in the difficult times, this gift shall speak softly of how you bring goodness to one another.”

Bride and Groom share honey

“The final gift is the gift of wine perfected by time, the cup of wine is symbolic of the two great families that shall be joined by this marriage. It holds the promise of the future and celebrates the strength of generations past.”

Bride and Groom share wine

“All these things are vital to sustain life, to grow, to flourish and to nourish the generations to come. May you remember these gifts as being a part of the earth that offer you insights to life and to the journey of marriage.”