“This is a long cherished Polish tradition, which has been passed down through the centuries. It symbolizes the union of the bride and groom and their families.

The bride and groom are being greeted by their parents with bread and salt as well as a glass of wine. The parents sprinkle the bread with salt then give it to their children to eat. The bread represents the parents hope that the bride and groom will never experience hunger or need, the salt reminds the couple that their life maybe difficult at times, and they must learn together to cope with lifes struggles.

The parents will then present the glass of wine to the bride and groom for each of them to drink. With the drink, the parents hope that the couple will never thirst and that they will have a life of filled with good health, good cheer, and share the company of many good friends. This portion of the ceremony will conclude with the parents kissing the bride and the groom, there by welcoming them into the family with this sign of their love and unity. bx and gx will you please step to behind the table? And will the parents of the Bride and Groom please join them?”

Music begins

Bride and Groom step behind the table

Parents join them

Couple eats the salted bread

Couple drink of the wine

Parents kiss couple

And return all to place as the music concludes