“Gabriel and Evan, you have always been the most important part of your dad and mom‘s life, and they are so proud of you both. Today they are making a promise to one another. It is a promise that what ever may happen, good or bad, that they will always be there for one another. This promise is also a promise to you. You are already a family. They love you with all their hearts, and no matter how big you get or where life takes you, they want you to know that that‘s forever.

Have either of you ever been married before? I‘m going to ask you a very important question now…..

Gabriel, do you take Evan to be your brother?”

Gabriel: “Yes.”

Evan, do you take Gabriel to be your brother?”

Evan: “Yes.”

“From today on you are officially brothers. May you grow together, play together, share your mom and dad freely with one another, and may God bless your family always.”