Chalice is held up for all to see

“The chalice is a symbol of Divine Love, the well spring or vessel of the heart, of rebirth, creation and limitless potentiality

Bride and Groom take the chalice They face each other, each with both hands on the chalice

Amber, drink of Jim’s love and let it touch your heart.

Groom gives Bride to drink. Bride drinks, they kiss.

Jim, drink of Amber’s love and let it resonate through to your soul.

Bride gives Groom to drink. Groom drinks, they kiss.

Drinking in of the promises that you make this day, ensures that neither of you shall ever again thirst for total love, acceptance, understanding or companionship. Now as you hold the chalice in your hands feel how great your love is for these children.

Groom and Bride put their feelings into the chalice

Brad and Christine drink of your parents love and know that you are as you have been, a family. They love you more than words can express, and as time goes by remember, you all drink from the same cup.

Groom and Bride, still holding chalice together, give their children to drink, The children drink, Parents kiss them, Couple gives chalice back

Bread is held up for all to see

Bread is representative of the Earth’s bounty. As food nourishes the body, so does love nourish the soul. In this manner so shall each of you be as sustenance to the other.

Groom and Bride take the bread They break off a piece of bread and together they feed each other. They kiss, then give each of the children bread and a kiss.

Remember now, as you feed each other, you will never again hunger in your heart or in your soul. For families eat from the same plate and if ever one should be lacking the others will have plenty to share”