“The symbolism of the sand ceremony is that of joining seemingly separate elements together to become one. This container represents the foundation upon which their marriage will be built. The neutral sand I pour here represents the very spirit of marriage that embraces them and holds them together from this moment forward.

Rev. Joe pours a layer of neutral sand

These colored sands represent Jessica and Antonio and their new blended family coming together as one. As the sands are poured they will make a pattern that is representative of Jessica and Antonio. And because today we celebrate not only marriage… but also family… Sophia, Cameron, Hailey, Gianna and Elijah will also have colors of their own to represent their importance; all joined as individual members of this beautiful family. As the sand is poured it will make a pattern that is unique to Jessica and Antonio as a couple, and also to them as a family.

Will you all now step up to the altar and hold close to your heart the container of sand representing the essence of all that you are and all that you bring to this union. As you each do so, embody your sand with all your hopes and dreams for the future. Bring to mind all the particles of personality that make you unique and wonderful in one another’s eyes.

The family comes behind the altar and each member takes their own container of sand in hand

Begin to pour your sand as a symbol of your love for each other.

Family begins to pour the sand

Continue to pour the sand, bringing to mind your hopes and dreams for the future.

Family continues to pour their sand

Bring to mind, as well, your fears and concerns, knowing that you have a family who will be there to guide you through them.

Family pours the rest of their sand into the container

And finish pouring the sand as I seal the vessel with a layer to represent the Divine guidance and support that is always there for you and that holds you in its arms every day of your lives.

May this be a reminder that there is nothing more important nor more sacred than the bonds that you share as husband and wife, and family.

Family finishes pouring, the vessel is sealed and all return to their places.