“This place that Leah and Hal have chosen for their wedding day is ripe with so many wonderful and appropriate metaphors. It is a place of peace and renewal amid the activity of the busy city. One of the statues proudly wears a plaque that says “Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable” Can you think of a better analogy for a good marriage?

The security and trust that their love provides is the firmest of all foundations from which to move forward into making their dreams a reality. This park, like their relationship, did not happen by accident. It was created. Care and attention went into it’s planning. The things that were brought in were as carefully chosen as the things that were decidedly left out and even the smallest of details are celebrated with wrought iron for strength and durability. Space and closeness, art, form and function have all grown together in a place that originally had no purpose.

The Gilded Age of this parks inception was one of wonder, invention, and naturalists. There was a sense of hope for the future, of a spirituality that includes a social responsibility, a goal of deriving pleasure by giving joy to others, and reverence for all life were in the minds of those who planned this place. Nature has always inspired a connection to something larger than ourselves.

In marriage we gladly accept that love is the greatest thing in our lives and that through surrendering to it we ourselves are become infinite and limitless.”