“Our Bride and Groom have chosen to include a candle lighting in their ceremony, yet it is one that reflects who and how they are within their relationship. They have chosen to use a “Double Happiness Candle” Separately the characters mean happiness. They stand as two individuals who are whole and strong in and of themselves. Together they shall become double happiness which is the character for marriage. Two individuals joined by something larger than themselves seeking only their togetherness and the happiness of the one whom they love most in the world.

Yvonne and Eric will you now come to the table as Husband and Wife?

Bride and Groom step behind the table

The flame that you are about to light represents spark of divinity that lives deep within you both. It is a reminder that in marriage it is your higher selves that you are promising to one another and the very best that you have to give always.

Bride and Groom light their candle

Bringing with you all the joys of your yesterdays and the promise of all your tomorrows, from two that were separate will you now, join your candles together as one, one character, one life.

Bride and Groom join their candles as one

The strength of two joined together in marriage is a beautiful and powerful force. Living by these promises that you make today, may your lives together be blessed with love and laughter, with wisdom and wonder.”