Opening Words

“Welcome family and friends, today we are here to welcome and bless Chloe Kristine. Kristine and Michael have indeed been blessed with the birth of their daughter Chloe Kristine. Today we are here to acknowledge that children are the greatest gift and most blessed responsibility bestowed upon a family. A spirituality is something that cannot be chosen for a child. Yet the desire to bless and protect them as they set out on their path is universal. So we will begin with a prayer of gratitude and hope.

Heavenly Father, you have blessed this family with a new life. May the gift of Chloe’s presence bring joy and gladness to the hearts of all who love her. May she be blessed and protected through all of the wonderful and difficult things that the years will bring. May she find goodness and inspiration, and be given the wisdom to discern the true from the transient, May her life be rich and full, in wealth that is measured by both the physical and spiritual context of her existence May Chloe be prosperous in all ways. May she love well and be well loved. Through each passage and season, May she always be surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. And may her days be forever filled with love and happiness. Amen.”

The Parent’s Vows

“Kristine and Michael, the journey of parenthood is one of amazing beauty, this is clear just to look at you both. The love that radiates from and around you and your daughter today shall change over the years. We gather here because it is our wish that Chloe Kristine grow to be a woman who truly loves her life. You most of all will be her guide on this journey. It is important to provide not only food and clothing to a child but also time and love and respect. So it is only right that this ceremony should include your promise to nurture your daughter in all ways as she grows. Therefore as a promise to her and a reminder to yourselves as the years pass, I now ask you: Do you promise to keep the bonds between you strong, thereby providing Chloe Kristine with a stable and loving home, giving her a firm foundation, and a good example of what it means to be committed to one another in love and joy, through difficult and wonderful times as husband and wife, parents, partners, teachers and friends?”

Parents: “Yes.”

“That you will value her hopes and dreams and let he rknow that she will always be welcomed, accepted and loved for who she is and for who she is not.”

Parents: “Yes.”

“To expose her to a variety of experiences, showing her the beginnings of many a wondrous journey, instilling in her a sense of wonder and passion, and the knowledge that she alone has the power to complete herself?”

Parents: “Yes.”

“Do you promise to hold her close in your hearts always, yet still encourage her to stand on her own when the time comes so that she may discover her own true self?”

Parents: “Yes.”

“Do you promise to instill in your daughter a connection to the divinity that lives both in the world around and within herself, that she will know her true and inherent value as a human being and a child of the Universe?”

Parents: “Yes.”

Naming and Water Blessing

“Names have always been a powerful part of our identity. They signify acceptance and belonging to a group or a family. The name Chloe means “blooming”. It is reminiscent of the ever unfolding journey of life, of the sweetness and beauty to be found in it. The name Kristine meaning “follower of God“ was chosen to honor her mother. And of course Graniello which honors Michael’s side of the family, the loving nurturing generosity of his parents and all those who have gone before them.

Our baptismal prayer for you is that the love that surrounds you today will wash over you like rain every day of your life, just as this water rains on you now…

The love of God,

officiant sprinkles water over the child’s head

the love of your parents,

officiant sprinkles water over the child’s head

and the love of all your family, friends, and loved ones,
whether near or far,

officiant sprinkles water over the child’s head

I Baptize/Christen/Formally Name you Chloe Kristine Graniello. From this day forward, may you know Love to be your constant companion.”

The Godparents

“It is often mistakenly thought that the Godparents are the ones who shall raise a child in the event that the parents cannot. But this is not so. Godparents are those who promise they will be there to help the child grow spiritually. The promise is one of a physical presence in her life as someone who she knows will always be standing quietly behind her, encouraging her to make good choices, and sharing with her the lessons they themselves have learned along the way.

As Chloe Kristine’s parents Kristine and Michael, have the responsibility to safeguard her future. Have you chosen those who will aid you in giving love and council to your child as she grows?”

Kristine and Michael: “We Have.”

“We have chosen Peter and Kerri.”

Godparents come forward

“While you are not Chloe Kristine’s parents the place that you have both taken in her life is an important one. Kristine and Michael trust your motivations and your judgment completely and they take comfort in knowing that she will always be able to come to you for guidance and support. By accepting the role of Godparent you say to Chloe Kristine; I promise, I will be there for you. With this in mind I now ask you…

Do you, vow and promise to take Chloe Kristine as your spiritual child, to nurture and protect her, give her your love, strength and support, to keep her from harms way, and help to guide in goodness this new soul on the earth?”

Godparents: “We will.”

“May you always know how special you are to Kristine and Michael that they would ask you to tend to the most precious thing that they have in this world.”

Closing Blessing and Presentation

“With all our hopes and dreams for your future, we celebrate your being. May you always feel the love that surrounds you. May your days be filled with wonder and your nights be gentle. May your years on this earth be blessed with strength, health and wisdom. May the love you are be the power forever guiding your light on this earth. May God bless and keep you. And may your days be good and long upon this earth.”

Kristine: “May you know blessings in your life, that your father and I have had in ours.”

Michael: “Dear friends and family, Our daughter Chloe Kristine Graniello!”