“From within every religion and culture, we have learned to incorporate elements from everyday life into our ceremonies as symbols of love and oneness. We light candles, we share wine, and in our case today, we are fed by those who love and have nurtured us; our mothers.

It’s our ability to find joy and to connect with one another through such simple acts that makes life such a rich and beautiful experience.

In Bulgarian tradition, the mothers of the Bride and Groom come and present the couple with bread and honey. The Bride then dips a piece of bread in honey and feeds it to the Groom. The Groom then does the same to the Bride.

This is a representation of the mother’s blessing upon their marriage. The rising of the dough symbolizes the creation of a new family unit and the feeding is a metaphor for their mothers wishing them a sweet and plentiful life together.

I’d like to invite our couple’s mothers to come up at this time and present them with bread and honey.”

Mothers come forward.

“Bride, dip your bread in the honey and offer it to your beloved.”

“Groom, dip your bread in the honey and offer it to your beloved”.

“Mom’s, please kiss your children before returning to your seats.”

Mother’s kiss their children and then return to their seats.

“What a fitting tribute, that the last kisses our couple should receive as single people should come from the two who gave them their first kisses when they came into this life, their mothers!”