Welcoming of the Guests

“What you are all about to witness here today is truly a celebration of love, and of life! Knowing that this is the first time many of you have been to a ceremony like this, Kim and Adam thought that going over some of the symbolism would be helpful to you in understanding what you will be seeing here today.

It is important for us to know where we come from, so we will begin with an ancestral blessing. This is where we honor the bloodlines, the history and the people who have all gone into the creation of Brooke.

It is also important to provide not only food and clothing to a child but also time and love and respect. So it is only right that this ceremony should include Kim and Adam making their promises to Brooke to nurture her in all ways as she grows.

As in ceremonies of many faiths, we then hear the oaths of those who would stand in place of the father and mother should the need ever arise.

Next, we ask the blessings of the Elements of Nature so that this child may come to understand the lessons they have to offer and, in so doing, be blessed by wisdom of the divine the light which shines eternally from above. We will also ask for a blessing for the family at this time.

You are all very dear to Adam and Kim. That is why you have been chosen to share in the blessing of their daughter and this day with them. This is the day upon which Brooke is formally welcomed into the community of family, friends and loved ones that you all represent. So let your spirits rejoice, and remember that in the love and emotion that pours forth from each of you, lie the hopes, dreams, best wishes and blessings that are the gifts your hearts have come to offer to baby Brooke on this day.”

Ancestral Blessing

Brooke is censed and blessed with oil

“What name is it that you have chosen to call your daughter?”

Adam: “We have chosen the name Brooke, to signify the gentle beauty her presence offers our world.”

Kim: “We have also chosen the name Moon, to represent the Goddess and all her loving power. It is the eternally bright, and strong love that her father and I shared before her and now share with her.

Brooke is entrusted to the arms of his maternal grandparents.

“Karen and Matt, You have been kind and loving parents to Kim, for which she is truly thankful. May she be blessed with your good instincts in raising Brooke. If you will now hold your granddaughter and call to mind all of the wonderful people who have shaped your lives. Your parents, your grandparents, as far back as the stories you have heard and beyond. Remember what it felt to be with these loved ones, that Brooke may come to know her ancestors and the lineage that is her birthright.”

Grandparents kiss Brooke and return her to his parents, Brooke is entrusted to the arms of her paternal grandparents.

“Carol and Mitch, You have led Adam to follow in your footsteps down the path of parenthood. You have always done your very best in raising Adam. May he have the patience with Brooke, that you had with him. If you will now likewise hold your granddaughter and call to mind all of the wonderful people who have shaped your lives. Your parents, your grandparents, as far back as the stories you have heard and beyond. Remember what it felt to be with these loved ones, that Brooke may come to know her ancestors and the lineage that is her birthright.”

“Karen and Hector will you now come and join your Husband and wife.

Stepparents stand with their partner

In today’s world we are offered unique and wonderful opportunities to increase the number of loving caring relationships we have in our lives. Kim and Adam want you to know that they value your voices, your perspectives, and your presence.”

Grandparents kiss Brooke and return her again to her parents

“If you will both reflect on the gratitude and joy in your hearts, remembering to be thankful for all that has come to pass all that which has made it possible for Brooke to come to be.”

Adam and Kim then kiss Brooke

Parents Vows

“In your momentous decision to become parents, you honor the love between you as husband and wife. While you know the responsibility this entails, carrying on the family traditions that bring you joy, journey back to the world of childhood, cherishing your own sense of wonder and opening your hearts fully to the adventure of life, are all things that will help you to be better parents. You have brought Brooke here to be welcomed into the circle of your family and friends and to make your promises to her.

Your own quest for spirit has brought you much joy. Do you promise to share with Brooke what you have found while encouraging her to seek her own path, and support her in exploring the places in which she finds the most peace and love?

That you will respect her dreams, simply because they are hers and valuable as such?

That your home shall be a place in which kindness, honesty, mutual respect, and love prevail, where communication is encouraged and no is ever subject unspeakable?

To give her a wide variety of experiences that she may find the things in life that make her heart sing?”

Kim and Adam: “We do.”

Jacqueline and Scott’s Vow

“Many cultures believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child with a balanced perspective. As hers parents the duty befalls you to safeguard Brooke’s future. Have you chosen those who will aid you in giving love and council to your child as he grows? To whom if the Fates and the Gods see fit to remove you from this world, would you entrust to take Brooke into their care and see to it that she is raised as you would have raised her?”

Adam & Kim: “We Have.”

Kim: “Jackie & Scott, for they are kind and loving people”

Jackie & Scott step forward

Adam: “Who know how it is that we would have our daughter raised.”

“Is this true? Are you aware of the hopes of Adam and Kim, that they may be able to guide Brooke in understanding the spiritual nature of all that surrounds her, and their wish for her to have a personal relationship with the divine?”

Jackie & Scott: “We are.”

“And you will take the responsibility should need be to see to it that Brooke is raised in accordance with their wishes?”

Jackie & Scott: “We will.”

“May the time never come for you to act upon this vow, but know how special you are that Adam and Kim that they would ask you to tend to the most precious thing that they have in the world.”

Elemental Blessing

“Since ancient times, people have communed with nature to learn more about themselves by example. Since it is within nature that we all do abide, and nature within us, we ask for Brooke the blessings of Nature’s Elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth. We do this that she may fully come to understand the lessons they have to offer. The attributes of each element are examples to us of the aspects they mirror not only within divinity, but within ourselves as well.

We ask the spirits of Air to open the lines of communication for this child. May her future be as bright as the dawn on the horizon. As Air flows freely to and through and from us all, may her heart, and mind, and soul come to know the world in this manner. Seeing not only with her eyes, may she grow wise with wisdom.

Yellow bear is placed in with the baby

Spirits of Fire, we ask that Brooke’s passion for life, remain ever strong and vital, fortifying each day with a vibrancy rooted in strength, boldness, and courage. As Fire clears the way for new growth, may she know that this power is hers: to create change and bring about the richness and quality that comes with a true love of life.

Red bear is placed in with the baby

We ask the Spirits of Water, that the comfort of loved ones, like the serenity of the deep blue ocean, be the oasis that forever surrounds Brooke. May she be well loved and love well, letting the assuredly with which Water makes its journey to the sea, flowing over rocks, around trees, even turning into vapor and ridding a cloud, ever serve as a reminder that with love all is well and will endure.

Blue bear is places in with the baby

Spirits of Earth, we ask that you give unto this child the rock solid place to stand and fulfill her destiny. May her journey mirror the vast planes and fertile fields, expansive and alive. May she find the right seeds to sow to ensure a bountiful harvest. And when she looks up at the Northern Star, may she know it is as bright and constant as the love of the divine is for her.

Green bear is placed in with the baby

Lord and Lady, descend and shine upon us,
She who is all knowing, all loving, all accepting,
Mother of all living things,
He who is mighty as the ancient Oak and bold as the Sun,
Without whom there would be no life.
We thank you for the gift of Love
that you have bestowed upon this couple.
The gift whose name is Brooke Moon.
May they, all together as a family,
forever dwell in the light of your love,
and flourish as the leaves on the trees,
and the fruits of the vine.”

These stuffed bears, the green bear with the flowers for Earth, the yellow bear with a feather for Air, the red bear with his gold chain and fiery garnet for Fire and the blue bear with his seashell for Water, have all been embodied with the attributes and blessings of the elements they represent. In keeping with the true spirit of the word ‘celebration,’ we ask for you to remember that this is a participatory event! Which is why these bears will be left out throughout the rest of this gathering for all of you to hold. As you are doing so, think of all wonderful things that you would wish for Brooke for her happiness and for her future. Later they will be placed on a mobile above her crib, symbolic of how she will forever be encircled, surrounded and protected by the love and blessings of her friends and family, as well as from above.”

Rose Petal Shower

Kimberly and Adam face guests, holding baby. Jennifer begins showering Brooke with white petals

“As the petals of the white rose symbolize, may your ideals and your heart remain untarnished and ever pure, with the wonders of childhood’s innocence forever your companion.”

Vidya begins showering Brooke with yellow petals

“May the petals of the yellow rose foreshadow the friends and the friendships, steadfast and unwavering, that will bless you in the years ahead.”

Marianne begins showering Brooke with pink petals

“The pink rose and her petals speak of the tender love and compassion your spirit shall know. The love that knows no bounds both in this life, and that which shall follow.”

Sara begins showering Brooke with red petals

“And as always, may the passion of the red rose forever kindle the fire in your heart for both life itself and for all the passions you find there in.”

Kim: “May you know blessings in your life, that your father and I have had in ours.”

Adam: “Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends and family, Our daughter Brooke Moon!”