“The joy of today’s union is amplified exponentially by the presence of Lisa’s daughter, Adrianna. Adrianna, will you come up and join us?

Adrianna steps forward

Adrianna, in speaking with your mom and with James, I discovered just how loved you are, and how special and important you are to them. Your mom also told me that for pretty much every birthday or Christmas, you’ve asked for a proper, loving family to call your own. Adrianna, today your wish comes true. When everyone arrived here today, they did so as two separate families. But, when this ceremony is completed and you go off to enjoy all of the food and the dancing, those two parts come together and become one big, beautiful new family.

Adrianna, James wanted to give you something special today to show you that he accepts, and loves you as his own and also his commitment to your new family.

(James takes Adrianna’s hands and faces her and says)

“Adrianna, you have changed my world more than you will ever know. You will always be my first child and I promise to be there for you and protect you today, and always.”

(Rev. Joe holds out Adrianna’s necklace)

Do you accept this necklace, and this new family that loves you?


Rev, Joe hands James the necklace and James place the necklace around Adrianna’s neck