The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways

Vow Renewals

Whether married for one year or seventy years, there’s no better way to honor the commitment you made and the love you share, than to say, “I do.” all over again! Here are some of the ways our couples have done just that.

  • A beautifully concise vow renewal ceremony from Dr. Jerry Schwehm of New Orleans LA, Founder and President of the American Association of Wedding Officiants.

  • A classic, non-religious, affirmation and renewal of vows one year after a private marriage ceremony.

  • Elegant and traditionally Christian with a reading from Paul to the Corinthians and a special rose ceremony to honor the couple's mothers.

  • One of our classic marriage ceremonies personalized and adapted for a vow renewal. Feel free to mix and match from different samples to create the ceremony that fits as perfectly as the dress!

  • A single-officiant Catholic and Jewish interfaith renewal ceremony that incorporates traditions from both, including the lighting of the bride's original baptismal candle, a secular reading from The Velveteen Rabbit, a personal section, seven blessings over wine, and a breaking of the glass. Our couple were musicians, so there are elements that speak to their musical connection as well.

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