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Religious, Interfaith and Multi-Cultural Wedding Ceremonies

Honoring your faith at your wedding doesn’t mean you need be stuck with a stuffy or rigid ceremony. There is a bounty of gorgeous symbolism woven throughout our given and chosen faiths that has endured for centuries, because it speaks to the heart of who we are as part of those communities. And whether celebrating a single religious tradition or planning an Interfaith (fusion wedding) ceremony, you deserve a culturally diverse ceremony that is vibrant, engaging and rich! It is also an opportunity to ask your family about the origins of your customs and traditions. We can suggest how to incorporate them and then let your heart decide what feels right. When appropriate, it can also be very special offer a nod to those who love you, by including an element from your culture or family’s faith that they might not expect. Either way, we can help you to consider all of your options and keep the tone of your ceremony heart-opening and celebratory.

Check out some of our sample Religious, Interfaith and Multi-Cultural ceremonies below.

  • Fatma and Eugene

    Christian and Muslim; a beach wedding, including an address to the Groom’s son and traditionally inspired vows that honor both religious belief systems.

  • South African Presentation of the Gifts

    An African inspired ceremony element. Bride and Groom are presented with gifts of wheat, wine, water, and honey, to prepare them and ask for blessings in the years ahead.

  • Double Happiness Unity Candle

    A Chinese unity ceremony element that can be incorporated into a larger ceremony.

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