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Religious, Interfaith and Multi-Cultural Wedding Ceremonies

Honoring your faith at your wedding doesn’t mean you need be stuck with a stuffy or rigid ceremony. There is a bounty of gorgeous symbolism woven throughout our given and chosen faiths that has endured for centuries, because it speaks to the heart of who we are as part of those communities. And whether celebrating a single religious tradition or planning an Interfaith (fusion wedding) ceremony, you deserve a culturally diverse ceremony that is vibrant, engaging and rich! It is also an opportunity to ask your family about the origins of your customs and traditions. We can suggest how to incorporate them and then let your heart decide what feels right. When appropriate, it can also be very special offer a nod to those who love you, by including an element from your culture or family’s faith that they might not expect. Either way, we can help you to consider all of your options and keep the tone of your ceremony heart-opening and celebratory.

Check out some of our sample Religious, Interfaith and Multi-Cultural ceremonies below.

  • A traditional Roman Catholic-inspired ceremony. And while this ceremony is not officially recognized by the R.C. Church, it is perfect for Catholics choosing to marry outside of one.

  • A single-officiant Jewish and Christian ceremony, including traditional prayers & blessings from both faiths, personal vows and a breaking of the glass.

  • A richly symbolic Greek Orthodox ceremony including a Service of Betrothal, Crowning, Candle Lighting and Drinking from a Common Cup. Written for a gay couple, this ceremony is easily adapted to any orientation.

  • A single-officiant Catholic and Jewish interfaith renewal ceremony that incorporates traditions from both, including the lighting of the bride's original baptismal candle, a secular reading from The Velveteen Rabbit, a personal section, seven blessings over wine, and a breaking of the glass. Our couple were musicians, so there are elements that speak to their musical connection as well.

  • A Catholic ceremony written for a couple just past their 50s. We do get requests from folks who say, "I never thought I'd be married at this age". Which often inspires a different tone than the when love comes at a younger age. This wedding ceremony celebrates new beginnings and includes traditional vows, The Lord's Prayer, and a blessings.

  • A Jewish wedding ceremony performed by a Rabbi honoring the traditional elements and including a uniquely symbolic ring exchange.

  • A second marriage, Roman Catholic couple, who married outside of the church. Different in style than 'Kate and James', this is another wonderful option for those who still want a religious ceremony.

  • A blend of Hindu, Buddhist and Christian Spirituality, including readings from the Bhagavad Gita & Lost Sutras of Jesus.

  • A Catholic and Jewish ceremony featuring two officiants, a Minister and a Rabbi. Traditional elements include a Unity Candle, the Seven Blessings and Breaking of the Glass.

  • A Christian and Islamic Interfaith Ceremony with quotes celebrating both faiths, a lovely secular reading about marriage, and a unity sand ceremony.

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