The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways

Civil and Secular Wedding Ceremonies

Also called “Justice of the Peace” style ceremonies, these are Marriage Ceremonies that include poetry, personal sections, words on marriage, love, and sometimes cultural aspects with no reference to God.

  • Our most popular civil ceremony, it is short and sweet, yet meaningful. Warm opening words and welcome are followed by a reading, "From Union" by Robert Fulghum, that equates marriage to a journey not a destination. There are contemporary vows for the Ring Exchange and closing words that can be shortened, changed or given to a reader. This ceremony runs about 12 minutes.

  • Titled after Pastor April's beloved Basset Hounds... Beginning with a gentle "Unplugged Ceremony" announcement that has become popular, this non religious ceremony includes a moment of remembrance, a "we do" joint-declaration of intent, reading by Neil Gaiman, personal statements, and Traditional "I do" vows and ring exchange. This wedding ceremony comes in at close to 20 minutes.

  • An earthy couple who saw speaking to each other as the heart of their ceremony. Their chosen reading, a quote from the writings of Bob Marley, is on the longer side, so it replaces the opening words and the welcome, then it's onto the their personal vows and a ring exchange with contemporary vows. The pronouncement words are lines from the Apache Wedding Blessing. This ceremony also runs about 12 minutes if your personal vows are of average length.

  • Lovers of language, this couple wanted to hear the classic,"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...". The traditional Declaration of Intent stating they were 'here to make a lifetime commitment' was important too. After welcoming the guests, a reading, "The Key to Love", is followed by an interactive pledge of support where the guest get to cheer the couple on with a rousing "We Do!". Rings are exchanged with more contemporary vows with a short closing pronouncement before the Kiss! This ceremony is about 14 minutes in length.

  • This is a secular, yet spiritual ceremony. The opening words have language celebrating the sacred connection love provides a couple, their family and even the world at large. It includes a personal section that can be replaced with a reading, or mirrored, written over by you or skipped. The vows are contemporary and this ceremony is about 10 minutes in length, with room to grow with readings and a Unity Ceremony if desired.

  • This ceremony begins with a few details as to why their location and date were special, followed by a welcoming their guests and personal vows. This shows another example of contemporary style vows during the Ring Exchange. And before we let them kiss, the groom places the bride's engagement ring back on her finger with the mention that the stone once belonged to his grandmother.

  • Beginning with a Moment of Remembrance and filled with quotes from George Elliot, Mark Twain and The Dali Lama, this ceremony is an example of the kind of writing we do at the meeting. The personal section here can be replaced with a reading or with a friend writing and delivering this section, or with personal vows; whatever you like. If you think you want to switch levels of service and have us write your story... here's what we can do. We adore a good story! Let's set a meeting!

  • This was written for an at-home wedding, contemporary in most aspects, but with "The Art of Marriage" by Wilfred Arlan Peterson as the reading which reaches to the heart center of love, marriage and relationships. It's a lovely ceremony that sings the praises of keeping our favorite memories in the place where we live.

  • This is the bare bones needed to make you legally married. Some call it the "Spaceballs" ceremony! If you are interested in a Signature Service or quick elopement, reach out to us. These are the five sentences it takes to legally marry you.

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