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Ceremony Elements that Include Children

Ceremonies including children are very popular because many couples are already parents or are bringing each of their two sides together as one new family. How to include children in your wedding ceremony has much to do with the children themselves. Young Flower Girls and Ring Bearers are the most precious little things on two legs. But understand that they are wild cards in the deck, who – when performing close to task – are usually well received.

Whether young or old, ceremonies including children are usually set with elements within the larger wedding ceremony. Here are some ideas.

  • This ceremony works in baby blessings too! Just bring some paper towels because all of your fingers are gonna get dirty making fingerprints with this one! Everyone can get in on the action with this family unity ceremony.

  • All this little angel wanted was a family. Our couple celebrates the coming together of their new family with a gift for the bride's daughter from the groom, who loves her as his own.

  • The family sand ceremony makes it fun for kids to participate and gives them a visual to see that, as the grains of sand are all together in a single vessel, so are families joined in marriage.

  • Ceremonies including children, show them they are a part of the marriage. This ceremony tells the whole family that each of their unique lights is important and should be shined, and yet is also part of the one light they all share.

  • Coming together as a new family is very much like a puzzle! When you come together with love in the all the right places, it just fits!

  • An opportunity for parents and children alike to make their vows and promises as they come together as a new and beautiful family.

  • Our own Rev. Aviva Sala crafted this simple script to honor the roots formed as a new family comes together in marriage. The locks, representing the love of each family member, are linked to, and set upon, a tree of life sculpture.

  • This unity ceremony element is an nice option for including children where the entire family shares some bread and a drink together.

  • Originally written for a baby blessing, it can be adapted for a wedding and offers a sweet way to include siblings and create a keepsake. Notice the tone. Kids should be spoken with in words they can connect with.

  • A heart melting moment where two young children, one from the groom and one from the bride, come together and take vows that 'officially' make them brothers.

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