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Baby Blessings

Call it a “Welcoming”, “Blessing”, “Naming”, “Christening”, “Baptism” or “Birth Celebration”… Whatever you wish, it’s an honor to welcome your new little angel to the world and into your family and community! How you celebrate is up to you.

Here are a few possibilities!

  • A non-religious baby blessing complete with Parent and Godparent vows, naming and a special reading to inspire the spirit of youth and newness in us all.

  • Combining Catholic and Jewish traditions, this single officiant interfaith ceremony welcomes the child into both faiths with a baptism, candle lighting, anointing, blessing and baby naming ceremony.

  • An interfaith celebration with an interfaith addrewss, Jewish blessing, a naming and a water ceremony.

  • A traditional Catholic-inspired baptismal ceremony with a modern take on the Parent and Godparent vows.

  • A religious baby blessing including a reading from Kahlil Gibran and a traditional Irish Baby Blessing prayer to close.

  • Brooke’s Welcoming took place in Forrest Park, Brooklyn, which is the home of a fully restored turn of the century carousel. Includes Ancestral and Elemental blessing elements and closes with a rose petal shower.

  • International adoption has become more and more common. For those who do not belong to a traditional church or for those who want a celebration that reflects their child’s journey and their gratitude to be parents, perhaps this ceremony will be of interest.

  • A short and sweet, yet traditional Catholic-inspired ceremony with a water blessing.

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