Dear Rev. Lorili,
There are many reasons to thank you and be grateful for your help and direction during the planning process of our wedding ceremony.  Starting with making sure we knew the process and options of getting a marriage license, how to structure a ceremony and helping prepare our dear friend Jaime to participate and reflect on us as a couple. In particular, I need to recognize your commitment to ensuring the culmination of such a beautiful ceremony.  Lorili, from the moment you showed up for our ceremony I felt your true sense of joy and connection. You were not providing a service as an officiant instead, you made us feel you were here to celebrate and make this an amazing day for Eric and me and all our guests.  You deserve a big thank you for sharing our joy, talking so eloquently and personally about Eric and me and taking away Eric’s biggest concern that a stranger would marry us!  You won him over!
Lorili we wish you continued success and peace in your life.  You have a gift and we are grateful to have had you share our wedding day. we feel you left us blessed with joy, love and a true sense of peace.
All the best,
Pamela and Eric