Reverend Joe Iadanza literally saved my wedding ceremony!!! Three weeks before my wedding, I was suddenly in need of a Reverend. Thankfully, Reverend Joe happened to be available on my date. On SUCH short notice, he was able to create the most amazing, heartfelt, personal, and meaningful ceremony. He was so nice and calm the day of the ceremony and got to the venue extremely early!! My husband planned a surprise (he sang to me during the ceremony) and he began to freak out before the ceremony. Reverend Joe ran into him and calmed him down, and even took the time to write down the lyrics on a piece of paper for my husband to have as back up. During the ceremony, Rev Joe was funny, personal, had a fabulous speaking voice, and blew us and everyone else away. SO many people ran up to me during cocktail hour and the first thing out of their mouths was, “That was the best ceremony I’ve ever been to!” Everyone was raving about Rev Joe. My cousin (who owns a country club and has seen thousands of ceremonies) even said that it was the best ceremony he has ever seen. Rev Joe also printed the ceremony for us to keep on beautiful parchment paper in a binder. Throughout the entire process, Rev Joe was personable, easy to talk to and contact, responsive, and just an absolute pleasure. As soon as I spoke to him I knew we were in the best hands possible. He is like a friend and both my husband and I were so happy to have met him.