When a wedding involves Aviva Sala as wedding officiant, I can only say — WOW, FANTASTIC, AMAZING!!! Aviva Sala officiated our marriage ceremony on July 31, 2021, at the DeSeversky Mansion in Brookville and was the perfect fit for our marriage ceremony! She interviewed us several months before, and at the end she asked us if we would want to see what she would write to say during our ceremony. We said no, because the way she ran our interview and discussion, we had a feeling she would do an amazing job. We were right! Her words and writing were perfect. I wouldn’t have changed one syllable. She mixed the right balance of reverence, solemness and humor during the ceremony. It was clear to both Suliat and I that she not only heard what we said during our interview/discussion, but also saw behind our words; and that gave her ceremony more depth. So, to summarize in a quick phrase, yes, I would very highly recommend using Aviva as your wedding officiant.