April is a heaven sent angel! This woman feels like she should belong in every family. Her light energy and contagious personality are what every bride wants on the day of their wedding. She is soft spoken, yet demands attention is the most seamless way possible. She was over an hour early just so she could be ready for the ceremony! She helps you with every and any question you may have as a new bride to be. For my husband and I, we didn’t want a ceremony that was religious. We chose not to get married in a church, but had some family members who were very adamant on religious beliefs. She found a way to sprinkle some religious terms and beliefs throughout the ceremony, without overpowering the intent of our energy. She works a lot with Lessings and is highly recommended by so many people we know, and its easy to understand why. Thank you so much April for everything you did during our experience. We are so thankful and grateful to have had you!!!