Having Rev. April Gismondi draft our vows was a highlight of the ceremony. So many of our guests made comments about how the vows spoke so much about who me and my partner are. How personal they were and that the officiant was so poised during the ceremony. We were also very pleased with the patience she displayed towards our very young wedding party – all four were under the age of seven. If you’re looking for a personal touch that speaks from the heart but are afraid you will freeze on the spot so prefer a third party to speak during the ceremony this would be a great option. Not only was Rev. April the most sincere professional during the ceremony but she was also very well organized. She prompted with reminders, outlined everything we needed to do pre/post in an easy to follow method and gave us a copy of the vows as a reminder of our special day. My partner and I can’t speak highly enough about our experience and would recommend to anyone searching for a creative approach to their special day.