In August 2016, my fiance and I decided to set our wedding date. We decided on October 2016 leaving us with a little under 2 months to plan our wedding with a guest list of 130 people. My cousin (the best wedding planner ever – 1st time wedding planner) went into a panic and said there was no way it could be done. I had a budget of under $30,000, but did we pull it off! Through our officiant, April we were able to set the date as she was very accommodating and extremely helpful. We did not see her in person until our wedding day. I took bits and pieces of ceremonies from April’s website and came up with a masterpiece; all our guests loved it and the feedback of the ceremony as well as everything else was positively astounding. April is right on target and delivers exactly what she promises. To this day, our guests do not believe that our wedding was planned in less than 2 months. Her role did not stop after the ceremony as she kept in touch to ensure that we received our marriage certificate. “Thank you April, you have given us memories to treasure for the rest of our lives!” Pauline & Herbert