We were so lucky to have Aviva Sala as our officiant for our wedding. She married my Dad just a few years ago, so it was so incredibly special to have her marry us as well. From the very beginning, Aviva was amazing. We met with her via zoom (she does in person meetings as well) and really got to know her, and she got to know us as well. As we were getting married on our decade anniversary, I was finding it hard to encapsulate our entire relationship, but in the end, Aviva did it. Our ceremony was personalized to us and it was amazing. Aviva had so many amazing ideas that could be added to our ceremony- she described it I think as a menu of options that we could chose from, and it was amazing. We ended up incorporating a small tribute to our parents in a rose ceremony during our wedding and we also included an anniversary box. These were ideas we had never heard of or came across, and it was so wonderful to have them as part of our day. Aviva was kind, generous and knowledgeable, and we were also able to review the ceremony she wrote for us beforehand (though you can choose to be surprised!). Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better day, or a better ceremony. I am so grateful to Aviva, she is amazing and definitely the best officiant there is!