Aviva was fantastic! About a month before our wedding, we had to find a new officiant and Aviva rose to the challenge. She had no concerns with getting things squared away before our wedding date. We planned to say our own vows and she helped to make sure they stood out the most during the ceremony by suggesting to us that the words she spoke during the ceremony be less about us and more about love, which was so much so the best decision and we thank her for that. She provided ample resources for us to make the words she spoke during the ceremony exactly what we wanted. On the day of the wedding she met with each of us and made sure we understood how things would progress and what our response to our queues should be. She also made sure to point out to us the most important part, that we look at each other during the ceremony and not her because of how natural it is to look at someone when they speak to you. She printed out our personal vows for us and handed them to us during the ceremony so we did not have to worry about bringing them with us and at the end provided us with a lovely little binder, the one she read out of during the ceremony, which contained all of the words she spoke along with our vows. Aviva was wonderful and we could not recommend her enough for your wedding ceremony.