Pastor Marie April Gismondi was our officiant on November 1st, the day we got married. She was clear, kind and super easy to work with. Being as overwhelmed as my wife and I were it was great having her be part of our ceremony. Many of the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids were unsure of where to stand and what to do. She set everyone at peace by singlehandedly running our rehearsal. By the time the actual ceremony began, she had everyone in line. Everything went perfect. She spoke so eloquently and effortlessly, making us feel like the most important people on Earth. We’re quite shy and she picked up on that by having us turn toward her after noticing how nervous we were while facing our family, friends and the blinding cameras. Her attentiveness to this put me and my wife at ease. She even went as far as to make us take the time to be seen for those magical moments where everyone cheered as she introduced us as man and wife.
Prior to getting married Pastor Gismondi made selecting the words we wanted to use as easy and uncomplicated as possible. She was extremely patient with us during this process.
Overall, she’s a true delight. We still get people asking about her. We are so happy we chose her to be part of our special day. We truly can’t thank her enough.