It’s tough to be a bride in 2020 – between scheduling, rescheduling, and coordinating across vendors given COVID-19 related limitations. After rescheduling our wedding twice, we decided that we wanted to get married this calendar year, right after Christmas. We made this decision 9 days before our tentative wedding date. I reached out to Rev. Joe on Friday and had a quick intro call on Saturday afternoon. He was professional, responsive, and flexible (which is super important – especially these days). We spoke again on Sunday to confirm our interest in moving forward and explain the ceremony that we wanted (in our case, completely secular). Rev. Joe was more than willing to accommodate our preferences.
We spoke again on Monday with the two “readers” for our wedding. Rev. Joe scheduled enough time to get to know us and what makes our relationship tick. He also read through all of the speeches for the ceremony and gave us tips on things we could add. He collected all of the speeches and printed them out in a nice binder so we weren’t reading from our phones. He also sent us his script so that we could make sure it was the right tone and content (it was – he did an incredible job). The day of, he was prompt and masked up. He has amazing energy and spoke from the heart. He has a gift for officiating and an intuition about how to work with people. I’m so glad that we met Rev. Joe and I’d highly recommend making him a part of your special day!