We first saw April Officiate one of our good friends Wedding about a year before ours & then we went to two other Weddings where April officiated & we were blown away. At the end of the third wedding I was begging her to save our Wedding date even though we still had not met with her! I was a Bride who wanted to CONTROL everything & so at our meeting I started speaking a mile a minute. April calmly told me to sit back & relax & let her do the work. She had her own magical way of getting the information she needed & she was just so calming. Her process was amazing, we would give her information & then within minutes she would take our words and give us an idea of something she might say based on what we had just told her. Each time we loved what she came up with, it was almost like magic & we told her to make sure it was all included! After 10 minutes I had no doubt that our Ceremony was going to be perfect & unforgettable. After leaving our meeting, a few hours passed and April’s first draft ,as promised (this was almost a year b4 our wedding) was in my inbox! We couldn’t wait to read it & when we did we both cried because she really understood us as a couple. She nailed it. She wanted us to make changes & she also gave us about 10 examples we could use for each segment! We hardly made a single edit to that original rough draft and on August 31st, she delivered a Ceremony where you could hear a pin drop. Even the professional pictures show everyone seated just staring eyes wide open, anticipating her next words. April showed up over an hour early to make sure she met with all necessary people, she looked both beautiful and professional and it was because of her that the ceremony ran flawlessly. She responded to my emails immediately, always made herself available & she even called just to touch base and gave me advice on how to handle some of my other more stressful vendors! Friends and family are still raving about her!