Working with Pastor April was truly a dream. Going into the experience I had no idea how in depth planning a ceremony could be. While at first it seemed daunting she broke everything down and worked with us step by step. April asked a lot of questions so that she was able to incorporate a lot of us into the ceremony. She gave us tons of options so the ceremony felt like us. There was no final draft until we were comfortable with the outcome. On the day of the ceremony we had a ton of people complimenting us on the ceremony and on April herself. They loved how she read and how it was not a dry ceremony and unlike any they had heard before. When the ceremony is over April’s work is not done. She sent a follow up email with the UPS information to track our marriage license application. She also pointed me in the right direction on how to do the whole name change thing. I cant say enough good things about April, she was such a pleasure to work with and an honor to have her perform our ceremony.