Pastor April thank you for such an amazing and memorable sermon. You truly gave us a ceremony that we can look back on and cherish forever. From the first day we met, Pastor April was so kind and really took the time out to learn about my husband and I as individuals and as a couple. She helped us create the ceremony of our dreams. The first encounter was personable and easy going. Pastor April assured us that we could contact her with any questions without worry and she made the process stress free. She is genuinely a likable and kindhearted individual. Her smile and calming presence during the ceremony was well appreciated because she helped calm our nerves. Pastor April spoke our words of love so eloquently and with compassion. After the ceremony was completed and after the wedding was over, our friends and family couldn’t stop talking about the ceremony. They expressed feeling emotional and touched by the words spoken by Pastor April and how she conveyed the love my husband and I feel for each other. April also made the process of applying for the marriage certificate and how to change my last name by providing us with all of the links and information after our wedding. This made the process smooth and I didn’t have too many questions because of this. She also provided tracking for our marriage license which was sent out promptly after our ceremony. Pastor April, thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable ceremony, it will live in our hearts forever. —Jonathan & Jasmine