This review is long over due, Im a June bride but Ive been so busy that I didnt have to chance to write one but Pastor April did such an amazing job that I have to give her a review. She’s so amazing and easy to work with. Whenever I emailed her the day didnt go by without me getting a response. I was kind of bummed that my husband and I couldn’t really have our ceremony in a church due to certain circumstance and I felt having a outside ceremony wouldnt really come to par with what I dreamed of but Pastor April changed all that. I was very precise about how I wanted the ceremony and to weave in our filipino culture and wedding traditions within the religious ceremony and she just created such a lovely outline for me. Until now my family and guest compliment me on how beautifully our ceremony was captured in film and in real life. Pastor April, Id like to thank you for making my wedding planning a breeze. You are truely a delight to work with and I’m sure you will continue to create more priceless memories for couples to come. ( jackie and Ron – Westbury Manor )