April was one of our favorite vendors. she is just absolutely amazing. I will never forget our ceremony or how she worded things. I don’t think most of our friends will either. after our ceremony most of our friends/family all came up to us and was like where did you find her?????
in a few years I definitely expect many of my friends to be using her for their weddings lol. one of my friends not even in a relationship was like I already found the person to marry us it has to be her! she helped so much and at the end as I was overwhelmed she did the end of the ceremony for me instead of me having to do it. she even said I love making your life easier. I remember reading it to my mom and saying hey can you do that too? :) as I type this my girl just messaged me to tell me how much she loved April :) I’m like let me get back to the review she’s like omg I told her how much I loved her at the wedding lol. though I bet most people at our wedding did that because she was so wonderful. just really from day one we knew we wanted her. I can’t imagine anyone else being as great as her. I cannot wait to see our wedding video. it probably looked even more amazing from the outside then us nervous bride/groom on the inside :)