We would highly recommend April. The ceremony was beautifully written and presented, and more importantly it was exactly what we wanted. April met with us several months before our wedding to get to know us. She knew exactly what questions to ask and she perfectly transformed our stream-of-consciousness answers into well-written prose for the ceremony. She captured exactly why we were getting married and managing to portray that to our guests. We saw a draft of the ceremony literally within hours of our first meeting, which was great as it gave us plenty of time to review it and makes any changes.
Logistically, she was extremely flexible and willing to work with us on all aspects. She lives and works on Long Island, but we live and were getting married in the city. This was never a problem as she arranged times to meet with us in the city when her schedule permitted – and she was in the city often so it made it easy.
Lastly, what could have been a huge nightmare ended up being a minor inconvenience due in large part to April’s flexibility. We actually forgot our marriage license before the actual ceremony, but April rearranged her schedule and we were able to meet with her later and take care of that.