April is as sweet as a peach and made my husband and I feel so relaxed and comfortable during our initially meetings, the writing process, the weeks leading up to our wedding, and the moments just before heading down the aisle. Not to mention, AFTER your wedding she makes sure all of your paper work is good to go! She pays attention to all the details that you might be too busy to attend to due to the whirlwind that happens to be a wedding.

April has a way with words and presentation that is truly captivating. My husband and I knew that we’d be too nervous to do too much talking at our wedding ceremony, so we were very grateful that April could express our emotions and tell our love story for us by transcribing it all into a beautifully detailed ceremony. Our wedding ceremony was tailored specifically and perfectly for us. We received so many compliments from our family and friends about how personal and memorable our ceremony was!!

April really pays attention to detail and makes sure that your ceremony will be EXACTLY how you envisioned it. Having trouble envisioning it? April can help with that too! She is so experienced and so versatile she can create a ceremony that coincides with your spiritual, religious, cultural and emotional needs and requests. Don’t be afraid to ask, she’s up for anything!

April is a free spirit but a professional to the highest degree. My husband and I highly recommend her!