“Once there was a damsel in distress.
She had become a bit of a dragon and it was consuming her.
A knight in shining armour confronted the damsel,
And seeing her reflection in his shiny breastplate,
she realised what a dragon she had become, and she didn’t like it.
In earnest she set about getting the dragon where it belonged and making sense of it.
“You have saved me”, she cried, “Take off your armour that I may kiss you in gratitude”.
“The removal of armour requires assistance”, responded the knight.
So, together they removed the heavy armour and the damsel embraced him warmly.
The knight had never been so warmly touched.
He felt immense relief He felt lighter; less weary; more free.
“That’s how I feel too!” cried the damsel joyfully,
and after some healthy, passionate kisses they had some healthy, passionate children.
They kept the dragon and the armour, which were useful from time to time;
and generally speaking, in their own funny way, they lived quite happily ever after.”

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