by Rev. Marie April Gismondi

“Marriage is like hockey.
The two really do have a lot in common.
The game of life can be seen as two people
Facing Off into the world with your All Star Team
behind you.

Both take Teamwork,
Letting others Assist, to score Goal after Goal.
But marriage is always having a Two Man Advantage.
Both involve Skating around obstacles,
Avoiding people and situations that could hinder
your progress.

While in marriage Checking is allowed,
There will be Penalties for Misconduct,
Which could include being sent to the Penalty Box.
And while you know there will be fights…
There is no doubt you will always continue the game
and unlike Hockey…
In marriage you make sure that nobody loses a tooth.

So if you want to hop onto that Zamboni
And ride off into the sunset…
Remember the Stanley Cup is already yours
If you always remember that two promises
Making one last name,
is the Hat Trick of your lives.”

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