by Rev Aviva Sala

“Heather and Steve, while there aren’t many Civil War references that make for good advice as you begin your marriage, there are some principles of competitive shooting that *can* apply as sage words of wisdom.

We know that Marksmanship is mental even more than it is physical, and there are some strategies that we hope you remember over your years, drawn from the sport that brought the two of you together… As the target is on the paper in front of you, your partner should be your focus, where your attention lies. Your marriage should match the natural alignment as a rifle in your arms, without too much push or pull in either direction, a perfect balance. Take a moment to breathe and center yourself, for when worked up, your aim will not be on point and your outcome becomes unpredictable.

The care you put into your marriage in order for it to be healthy and lasting love must be constant, controlled and deliberate, much like your trigger control. Success happens with intent, not by accident. And finally, follow-through… the one principle that can alter the outcomes faster than all the others. A lack of follow through can take a winning shot and turn it into a flyer. Make sure to follow through in your marriage, doing what you promise; be consistent and reliable. Allow these principles that taught you to be skilled marksmen continue to teach you to be skilled partners and supporters of each other.

And above all, please don’t shoot each other.”

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