“This comes from a retelling of the Sagas that was written in 1909. It is the ending to the story of Ingebjorg and Frithiof. They were lovers who, in the true romantic style, had to overcome the crosses of birth right and station in life, the objections and concerns of family, and the trials of the hero’s journey. It was a journey that their love and their will to be together, would ultimately set them forth on. In the end, with their woes healed and their obstacles overcome, her hand was finally put into his to be his wife, and I quote from there:

`Thus steps of sorrow
Had led them to the height of happiness
That poets love to sing.
Paths thick with thorns had blossomed into roses,
Wreaths of everlasting flowers
Had crowned the winter snows.
And midst the lights and shadows of the old Northland,
Their lives flowed on, like two united streams
That roll through quiet pastures
To the ocean of eternity.’

May our Bride and Groom’s trials also be behind them, and may their future be as blessed as those in the myths and tales of old.”

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