By Dallas Clayton

If he was a dinosaur and you were a jet
There’s a chance, a good chance,
That you’d both never have met.

If she was a river and you were the sky
If he was down low and you were up high
Or if she was an apple and you were a sundae
If you were a Wednesday and her a Monday

If you were the spring season and he was the fall
You might never have gotten together at all.
But you aren’t all of those things
You’re you and she’s she
And your as together as together can be

But what is this love thing truly about
Sometimes it’s a whisper when you feel you could shout
Or just being around when the others have gone
Or about letting go when you want to hold on

It’s about living life with such strength and emotion
And knowing that waves are just part of the ocean
And that ocean, that ocean goes on forever…
Just like the love that has brought you both together

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