Untitled, Author Unknown

“What shall we call you,
one who comes across a vast distance
bearing secrets of the future,
your father’s hidden wishing,
and the remembrance of beauty that hung diffusely in the air
all those long years without you?
We call you the awaited one,
the dreamt of one, the sung one,
for we sing to you now a symphony of welcomes,
and wish for your smooth passage to the world.
As if you were sweet basil,
as if you were mountain rosemary,
as if you were the golden sweetness of the apple
and the pear at harvest time.
You sweeten your mother’s innermost heart
and ripen her for every greater mystery-
For she has kissed the hem of the most Beloved
in calling you forth,
sheltering a wild faith in life.
Like a rose folded inward, hiding great fragrance,
like a host watching over the sheep
of the most cherished guest,
You were so tenderly awaited.
Little one, we sing to you now,
calling you joy,
calling you promise fulfilled,
calling you sheer vastness and little drop of honey.
You joined us here.
May your earthly journey be cloaked
with songs and praises evermore.
Your mother and father’s vast hearts,
deepening as they awaited you;
Every tear they’ve ever shed for joy gathering and intensifying-
For you, little drop of honey,
coming across great distances
just to see their faces at last,
just to gaze upon the face of Love at last.”

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