Poem by John Meissner

May the roads you travel be trouble free, clear of pitfalls, obstacles, and debris. May love fuel your engines, and your tank never run dry, so remember to show it often; or at least always try. May kindness and compassion be the lubricant for any friction that comes along, let forgiveness and understanding help to keep your love strong. May you hold on tight, as you round each corner, and pave new roads together, your love will steer you straight and true, through any kind of weather. May you be mindful of the speed of life and the need for shifting gears, knowing when to take things slow, as you enjoy the coming years. For time will take its toll on your soft and youthful skin, but always remember, beneath that leather, there’s a gentleness within. May your love endure beyond the setting sun, as your future unfolds ahead, So say “I Love You” each time you saddle up, and each time you go to bed. May happiness and prosperity always find you, wherever you choose to ride.


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