Who Can Legally Perform a Wedding Ceremony on Long Island? We Can!

Church of Ancient Ways was founded in 1997 in New York State as a 501c3 church organization and are fully recognized by the federal government. All of our officiants hold Church of Ancient Ways ordinations. No special permit is required when you hire anyone of The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways to solemnize your marriage.

We’ve had the honor of performing over 10,000 ceremonies since 1997, not just because we’re legally able to do so, but because no one knows how to get to the heart of your love story the way we do. We have made it our mission for your wedding ceremony to be a moment you and your loved ones will remember forever.

Trusting a Professional Officiant

There are a hundred reasons why one should consider a professional writer and speaker for their wedding. Not only does it join your hearts, your lives and your families together, but the signing of your marriage license also integrates two people in over 1000 points of law. It transfers rights and assets and so much more. Remember also that the personal integrity of the person you choose as your officiant is important.

A professional officiant is doing so much more than reading the words off of a paper. We pour all of our passion into your big moment. We know the venue, the staff, your vendors… We know how to center you to position you for the best photos and how to mic you so everyone can hear you speak your beautiful vows. A professional officiant knows how to time the ceremony so you don’t miss one single moment of or waste one dollar spent on your cocktail hour. We’re skilled at last minute adjustments and in knowing what to do when something unexpected happens.

Getting Married by A Friend or Family Member

And yet, there will always be those who want to be married by someone close to them. What a wonderful idea!

Before 2023, NYS Legislation made it challenging for a friend, family member, or someone ordained online to perform your ceremony on Long Island without additional assistance. But finally, on March 28th of 2023, it becomes legal for laypersons and those with online ordinations to apply for a “single day/single event marriage officiant permit” in New York!

Click here for information about NYC A06300.

NOTE: Information on how to apply for the single use permits is still forthcoming and we will update this article as details are released.

Whatever your dream is for your ceremony, we’re here to help make it a reality. Some couples choose to use our writing services in conjunction with a signature service (aka: sit and sign). Others ask us to serve in a co-officiating capacity. We have always collaborated and co-officiated and understand that time constraints may make obtaining the permit more of a burden than a blessing for some. Additionally, we are adding new levels of service and can customize all of our packages to fit your needs, with our most popular options listed on our website.

If going through the trouble of securing a single-use officiant permit is too stressful, or if your situation doesn’t qualify, we’re here to help! Click here for information about our Signature Services (aka: Sit and Sign).

Whether you are getting married by us or another of your choosing, it is our pleasure to help with anything that can make the moment you say “I do” as easy and as stress free as possible.

Getting Married by an Officiant Ordained Online

Can my online ordained officiant legally perform my wedding ceremony?

Yes, as long as they get a single use permit as as described in NYS Legislation A06300. The permit, never before available to online officiants, makes it legal for them to sign the license.

The new Bill does not address whether couples married prior to April 2023 with no permit, and by an online ordained officiant, will be grandfathered in, leaving it on a case by case basis for a court to decide should the validity of a marriage be questioned.

If it were already legal, and anyone could click on a link to perform a wedding ceremony, there wouldn’t have been legislation before our state legislature in Albany for many years trying to make it legal, or at least expand on who can legally perform marriage ceremonies in New York State.

Here is a link to State Senate Bill S430 for a brief history of the ongoing process.

Here is an older article that addresses the legalities without a permit. More information will be available when the clerks begin issuing those in the early Spring of 2023. Please see our current article about the new law and for details as we get them.

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