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Come fall in love with the Fox Hollow! Fox Hollow Catering is three unique and beautiful locations, separate and apart from one another, with luxury hotel accommodations right next door. Taste new and delightful creations whipped up by their highly skilled and innovative chefs for your guests to feast upon! There will be cocktails, music, gorgeous patios perfect for outdoor relaxation, their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer any questions, and of course Long Island’s top industry professionals. Showcases are a great way for couples who choose to take the “Skip the Meeting Discount” to still meet us. Pastor April Gismondi and Rev. Joe Iadanza will be there meeting and greeting!
If you are looking for WOW factor… come see this venue. You’ll be glad you did! Already a Scotto couple? Call your banquet manager for free tickets or REGISTER HERE!

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