On Long Island, The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways have always welcomed our babies in rich and diverse ways. Baby Blessings, Welcoming Ceremonies, Namings, Baptisms, and Christenings – whether religious, secular, interfaith, and performed by a minister, rabbi or with dual officiants honoring the traditions from both sides – we have always thrived in diversity and are stronger for it in our families and communities.

I love staying connected with my couples online and seeing their families grow! After the weddings are completed and the professional photos give way to new selfies, photos of trips, birthdays, dates, and new adventures, I watch the months and years pass with fascination at just how much life is happening for all of you out there each and every minute.

Before I know it, from many couples, I’m seeing sonogram photos, bellies growing, photos of baby showers, reveal parties and then all of those crazy-adorable baby pictures! It’s absolutely beautiful to see the miracle of life happening right before my eyes.

And while I really love performing weddings, there is something incredibly special about performing the kinds of ceremonies that celebrate the arrival of new life into the world.

I love performing baby blessings! The birth of a child is often the next “biggest” and most miraculous moment in life after a wedding and they come in many flavors… You can have a Naming Ceremonny, a Baptism, a blessing with incense or an anointing with oil… They can be religious, secular, interfaith, pagan, spiritual, traditional or completely personal and unique to you and your family, and whether religious or non-religious, there are also ways to weave in cultural traditions that, when put all together, weave a beautiful tapestry representing all of the things that make you, your precious new child and your family unique.

Regardless of the form, blessings are symbolic ways of welcoming new life into our hearts and communities, all while offering prayers of light and protection, and promises of love and guidance as your babies grow into all that is and shall become their futures on our precious planet.

And whether you’re having a naming, baptism, or other symbolic welcoming, a blessing of this kind is not meant to to correct something, but to welcome and to marvel at the unique gifts this new child will bring to the world. It has been said that in a blessing, the Divine (or the Universe, or Love itself) comes down and surrounds the child with its Love and the love of its family. In truth, that Love is always there. It’s the birthright of us all, and it exists no matter what words you might use to describe it. Yet, as humans we crave ceremony, because, it’s in these moments that we consciously choose to remember our connection to all that guides and supports us. It’s in these moments that we honor the mysteries of life and remember the light we all share as children of the Universe.

With Church of Ancient Ways, our love of you and your journey doesn’t end at the altar. From birth to death, we are here for all of life’s most sacred moments. It’s an honor to continue to serve and support you and your families as you grow and experience each and every milestone. Reach out anytime and find out how we can be part of formally welcoming your precious new angel into your family.

We have examples of baby blessings on our website! You can see them here:


Many Blessings,
Rev. Joe and The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways



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