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Pastor April always said she would be as vocal when it became legal for online officiants to marry couples in New York, as she was about the court cases where couples were disenfranchised by illegal celebrants and the day has come…. or almost come…

It looks like Gov. Hochul has signed bill (S.739A/A.6300A) that will, in 90 days, provide a path for not only online officiants, but also friends and family members to legally marry couples in New York State! There has never been a statewide license given to officiants, so verifying identity will be done with a “single-event” permit issued to the person performing the ceremony for the cost of $25.00 per license to be signed.

Is it still illegal to be online ordained/ULC ordained and to officiate a wedding in NYS without this new permit, yes.

Were you married by someone ordained online and were nervous after finding out that in New York State they never had legal authority to marry you? The current bill does not addresses this fact or if those marriages will be grandfathered in.

And yet, most couples will still want the beautiful service we provide: a professionally written, personal, heartfelt, and expertly delivered ceremony for their wedding day. That’s what we do and that’s where we shine; from first interactions with you, right through the big day working with your venue and photographers and videographers to make sure that yours is a ceremony no one will ever forget.

We can even work with you and your friend or family member, coaching them and writing with you, or even co-officiating so they’re ready to shine.

On December 28th, 2023, This was posted on the NYS Governor’s website:

Legislation (S.739A/A.6300A) Creates Pathway for Lay Individuals to Become One-Day Marriage Officiants Capable of Performing a Marriage in the State of New York.

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed legislation (S.739A/A.6300A) into law, creating a new path for people over the age of 18 to apply for ‘one-day designation,’ authorizing them to solemnize a single marriage on a specified day in the State of New York.

“Joining individuals in marriage is a beautiful moment that should be shared with an officiant selected by the spouses-to-be,” Governor Hochul said. “By signing this legislation into law, we are eliminating any barriers to becoming an officiant so friends and family members can share such a meaningful time with loved ones of their choosing and have their marriage recognized under New York State law.”

Legislation (S.739A/A.6300A) amends the domestic relations law to enable individuals to apply for permission to be designated as an officiant in order to solemnize a particular couple’s marriage.  New York is a premiere destination for weddings and this legislation is yet another reason for couples to celebrate here.

State Senator Alessandra Biaggi said, “Couples in New York will now have the opportunity to be married by their friends or family— allowing them to further engage their loved ones on their special day. I’d like to thank Governor Kathy Hochul for her commitment to modernizing our law, and thank Assemblymember Sandy Galef and my colleagues for their support of this legislation.”

Assemblymember Sandy Galef said, “New Yorkers joined in marriage by a friend or family member no longer have to worry about whether or not their marriage is legally valid thanks to the passage of this legislation. Thank you to Governor Hochul and my colleagues for your support of this legislation that will allow friends, family, and loved ones to share these meaningful moments without having a religious connection or political affiliation.”

And here’s the link to the legislation:

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