Since the beginning of recorded time, marriage and wine have gone hand in hand. Many of our couples who are fans of the Medieval and Renaissance periods already know the splendors of the honey wine known as mead that inspired the term Honeymoon. The drinking of this sweet wine for a cycle of the moon or a month, was supposed to sweeten the couple’s disposition towards one another. This was indeed something that would come in handy in the days when a couple sometimes met for the first time at the altar. These days mead is a popular beverage for more than just lovers of history and handfastings.

Wine ceremonies that blend red and whites into a single glass taste much better when both are mead of different flavors. Best of all Long Island not only has it’s fair share of castles, it also has it’s own meadery!

W A Meadwerks is open to the public, hosts events and…. can even make you your own special blend for your wedding day.

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