by Pastor Marie April Gismondi. (Photo by Anchor and Lace)

With so many things to be concerned about on your wedding day, whether or not your officiant will step out of the way of the kiss should not be one of them and it is not something you will ever need to worry about with me and my team at The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways.

Paying attention and gently guiding you so that your wedding photos are absolutely amazing is something a professional wedding officiant knows how to do. It’s just one of many reasons to work with a professional wedding officiant. We also know to make sure your guests rise for the bride’s arrival, to sit when we begin, to keep you centered to the aisle and to slow down certain moments when we see your photographer changing angles. We consider where the cameras are in the room, encourage you to look into one another’s eyes without being obtrusive, and of course, to step out of the way of your kiss!

I admit that I have at times felt a little insulted when a couple tells me to make sure I get out of the way, as if it were a new concept or as though I somehow wouldn’t know that this wasn’t something that even beginning officiants know to be aware of. However, in recent years I realize that there have been a preponderance of wedding officiants (not us!) who purposefully step into the kiss as if it were a signature move of some kind, or is something they feel is actually appropriate!

From our perspective, there is no brighter star in the night sky of your wedding day than that first kiss. Until that moment, there has never even been a kiss that you’ve shared as husband and wife. This is the kiss that seals the deal and we know it! That kiss that is the first in a lifetime of many, many more; launching your ‘happily ever after’ into true being.

Of course it’s important and that’s why we know to always get out of the way.

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